Licensed Texas Credit Access Business with five Central Texas brick and
    mortar retail stores, complemented by Full Online Lending functionality.

    Primary source of revenue comes from cash advances and title loans.

    This five store acquisition opportunity also includes a licensed insurance agency and
    a tax preparation business, which represent sizeable additional second and third
    revenue streams.

    Established in 2006, the business operates in the Central Texas region.

    Offered for sale together are the three profitable and growing businesses: loans,
    insurance, and tax preparation.

    The five locations were acquired and rehabilitated in September 2016 by the
    current owners, a three-year process which resulted in Star of Texas becoming a
    top performing loan business in the state.

    In the areas of portfolio size, revenue, bad debt, and cash advance to title
    loan portfolio ratio, the business continually over-achieves compared to
    statewide averages for CABs in these operating areas.
    Loan Business Revenue and Portfolio Year over year growth 2019 pacing to exceed
    2018 by over $78,000 in revenue Portfolio at end December 2019 is at all time high
    The portfolio has grown 9.5% over the last year. Based on prior year averages it
    is expected that Holiday 2019-2020 demand will result in an additional growth some
    of which has already occurred. Steady growth throughout the year is occurring with
    sustained bad debt numbers under 15% of revenue and below 5% of portfolio.

    Second and Third Revenue Sources:
    Insurance Agency: This business is also a fully licensed insurance agency
    operating at all five locations. The buyer will need to get licensed to continue running
    this business (assistance can be provided). Insurance policies sold are primarily
    auto, roadside assistance, homeowner and renter. Revenue comes in the form of
    policy origination fees and commissions.

    Tax Preparation: This business also offers tax preparation and filing services to
    customers at all five locations. No licenses are required, but tax preparer employees
    do need to file a registration fee of $50 each year. Several hundred returns are
    processed each year.

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5 Texas Central Locations For Sale
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